Copy of  Great coffee for the greater good

734 is more than a number. It is a place of refuge. 7˚N 34˚E are the geographical coordinates for Gambela, a region in Ethiopia where over 200,000 displaced South Sudanese citizens now live after fleeing war, atrocities, drought, and famine in South Sudan.


734 Coffee and Refugee Campus is about building a brighter future for the displaced mothers, fathers, sons, and daughters of Sudan. Our coffee is harvested by growers right in the Gambela region, and after it is brought to the US, proceeds go right back to scholarships and education programs for refugees of Sudan. 


Our mission is simple: make great coffee for the greater good. With your support, we can make 7˚N 34˚E not the end of the story, but the start of something wonderful.




 What one cup of coffee can do

Proceeds go to scholarships and education programs for refugees of Sudan. What does that mean in terms of impact? It means every bag of coffee you purchase is one more day of school for 4 refugees. Every cup you brew means one more hour of learning, one more hour to change a life. With 734 Coffee every morning, you are not just starting your day, you are starting a whole new future for a soul in need.
ETHICALLY SOURCED Our coffee beans are grown and harvested in Gambela from a co-op of African-owned and operated farms.
SPECIALTY GRADE Our coffee has been graded Specialty, or "Grade A", by the Specialty Coffee Association of America for its ideal growing climate and for its full-cup taste and quality.
coffee plant
NATURALLY FARMED Our plants are raised and harvested without chemicals in the ideal natural soil composition. After picking, the beans are sun-dried to maintain their natural aromas and flavors.
coffee hand
FAIR-TRADE Our coffee is imported as fair-trade to support good, sustainable work for African farmers and harvesters.
Coffee cup
LOCALLY ROASTED Once our beans are imported, they are roasted by local, independent coffee roasters here in the United States.