World Refugee Month

June is considered World Refugee Month and June 20th is world refugee day! 

Each year on June 20 the United Nations, United Nations Refugee Agency (UNHCR) and countless civic groups around the world host World Refugee Day events in order to draw the public's attention to the millions of refugees and Internally displaced persons worldwide who have been forced to flee their homes due to war, conflict and persecution.

734 Coffee is a refugee founded and led company that is dedicated to advocating for refugees through coffee. June is considered very important for us.

The annual commemoration is marked by a variety of events in more than 100 countries, involving government officials, humanitarian aid workers, celebrities, civilians and the forcibly displaced themselves.

"World Refugee Day is an expression of solidarity with people who have been uprooted from their homes by war or persecution . . . This not about sharing a burden. It is about sharing a global responsibility, based not only the broad idea of our common humanity but also on the very specific obligations of international law." 

António Guterres, UN Secretary-General

This World Refugee Month, join 734 Coffee as we continue our efforts to remove the stigma associated with the word refugee. From culinary dishes to festive traditions, let's highlight the rich diversity refugees and immigrants bring to America by helping to change the narrative. To participate, you do not have to be a refugee to help put a new face to the movement. There is room for everyone to part-take and help #REDEFINEREFUGEES by sharing images of what success looks like when refugees are seen as people.

Here are some other ways:

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  2. Make an in-kind donation to  Humanity Helping Sudan. as these funds are used to help and support refugees especially during this time COVID.
  3. Shop at 734 coffee.

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