Pouring Hope Cafe

After a coincidental encounter with Austin Hecker, a teacher at the Randolph Elementary School, Austin invited Manyang & 734 Coffee to one of her classes to share his story and mission to tackle issues faced by refugees.

Schools such as Randolph Elementary School are at the center of education; education has been the pedestal of development and breakthrough in all societies, making them an indispensable tool in the advancement of humanitarian work. Manyang’s visit to the school inspired the teachers as well as the students to help contribute to the cause.

One semester, the students with the help of their teachers had the idea to set up a pop-up cafe. The first cafe was called "The Brewing Justice Cafe" and was accompanied by the hashtag #BREWINGJUSTICE which has been adopted by 734 ever since. In the cafe, the students were in charge of running most of the operations, playing the role of barista and server. With a majority of their clientele being teachers and parents, they were able to raise $700 in 5 weeks! These funds went into buying school materials for refugee students.

Additionally, the students were inspired to actively improve the world after understanding the magnitude of the issues faced by refugees and how anyone can find themselves in those circumstances. The cafe is seasonal and is run according to the students’ schedule. This time around, they named it “The Pouring Hope Cafe” and expanded the cafe by integrating it into their classes and even designed shirts and a logo for the cafe.


See These Kids Pour Hope!


How It All Started!

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