Need a coffee break?

Need a coffee break?

We truly love our coffee breaks especially when you need a quick pick-me-up, but how did the word 'Coffee Break' originate. Well, the British may have invented ‘Tea Time’ but America invented the ‘Coffee Break’. In the 1950’s the sale of coffee declined and thanks to an innovative marketing campaign by Pan-American Coffee Bureau,  the idea of a coffee break was created. The idea was born by a Mr. Watson after noticing during World War II some factories started giving their employees a couple of minutes off every shift, during which time some of these workers would drink a quick cup of coffee to wake themselves up.

They say the  “Coffee Break” ritual, was not fully adopted by American businesses and industries until 1952 due to the  Pan-American Coffee Bureau ad campaign to “Give Yourself a Coffee-Break – and Get What Coffee Gives to You”.  It actually almost set-off a strike in 1964 by the United Auto Workers who demanded a daily 15-minute Coffee Break in their contracts.  

There you have it, we do indeed love our coffee, it is part of our culture. Let's create a society where creating impact is norm too



Picture by Tomaz Ganclerz

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