Music has always been a form of expression and a way to reminisce. 734 Coffee believes in empowering those without a voice. Meet the Sudanese team behind Stray music.    In partnership with 734 Coffee, this team uses music as a source of empowerment.

This video was shot in Nairobi, Kenya with a diverse group of South Sudanese musicians that understand the refugee struggle. They sing and rap in Swahili, Dinka, Nuer, Arabic, English, Maban and Amharic (the major languages spoken in East Africa). 

The song talks about how they remember their home and how 734 Coffee is a source of energy and motivation, not only because of its representation of refugees and their potential but the coffee gives them a boost to continue to follow their passion. Music has been part of Africa's long oral history as a way to tell their stories. A blend of styles can be heard, from western influences like hip hop and funk to traditional African music; these are pieced together to make you feel the joy and the celebration of life. 

Hope you enjoy the song!!





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