How coffee is traditionally served in Sudan.

How coffee is traditionally served in Sudan.

Have you wondered how coffee is served in different parts of the world?  We can't tell you about every part, but we can tell you how they serve coffee in Sudan.

In Sudan, the pots used to make and serve the prepared coffee are of red clay, formed in a traditional round shape, about 4 inches in diameter with a long neck and spout. The coffee is then served in small cups placed on a tray that is also traditionally round and small holding 60ml of coffee. 

Coffee beans are first freshly roasted over a small fire and then crushed by hand in a pestle and mortar. The beans are placed in a clay container, together with spices, usually a few cardamom pods and some pepper.

After simmering, the brew is poured into the small cups with a high sweeping motion of the pourer’s hand and arm in order to enhance aroma, sound, and froth. The pouring part of the ceremony requires great skill to showcase the aroma and sound of the drink pouring, motivating the anticipation of guests. Coffee cups on the tray are then passed around. The coffee is enjoyed noisily sipped to bring air into their mouths, helping to spread the aroma and flavor on the palate. Coffee in Sudan used to bring people together, energize the mind and body and spark great conversation.

Below is a visual explanation from Al Jazeera that we recommend to watch.


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