Brewing Justice Series: Sudanese Activist speaks on social Justice

Nadia Taha is a part of the 734 Coffee family and has been with us since Humanity Helping Sudan project. She is a fierce woman from Darfur Sudan, an activist, a journalist, a translator and much more. With a law degree from El Nilein University in Khartoum, Nadia practiced law for a year before diving into journalism suit to unfortunate events.

She strongly believes that injustice anywhere is an injustice to her. After surviving a lot of injustices and tragedies herself in Sudan, she was still able to have an impactful voice through journalism in various ways. Since 2010 Nadia has managed, contributed to and animated a multitude of radio shows in Kenya, Chad, and Washington DC.


Nadia was also the first female news host and producer hired for Sudan radio services and one of the few women who are actually on-air in Sudan. 

With her hard work and great spirits, Nadia actively speaks on issues from human rights, war crimes, gender, religion to African current events. She sees herself as a human rights fighter around the world.

One of her biggest role models is her mother, a woman who never got to finish her education but pushed hard for her to complete her studies and encouraged her to become a lawyer as she knew the importance of education.

Rogaia Abusharaf, a Sudanese professor of anthropology was also instrumental in her life as a mentor and was a source of empowerment and advice while she was in school.

Nadia’s road was not an easy one and she understands that it is important to continue to speak up and advocate for social justice everywhere she goes especially in Sudan. This is why she also sees the value in Women’s History Month and the importance of continuing to pave the road for women in her native country Sudan.



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