7 things you didn’t know about 734 The meaning behind 734

As 734 Coffee lovers, you may already know that our name stands for the geographical coordinates of the Gambela refugee camp in Ethiopia. However, the full coordinates are 7.9220° N, 34.1532° E, so you can imagine that there is more to the name! Here are seven things that encompass those three digits:

1 Time of the day: We all love coffee, and we know that when you drink your coffee is key for optimum effect! In South Sudan from 7 A.M to 7.30 A.M is the typical time to drink your first cup of coffee. So it only made sense that we acknowledge peak time for coffee consumption in Sudan as part of our name.

  1. Generosity: on Sunday the seventh day of the week it is custom in South Sudan to check on others and visit friends and family while bearing gifts! A sign of generosity, care, and love.
  2. Homage: The conflicts in South Sudan have forced many out of the country, but one memorable incident was “The Lost Boys of Sudan” where a group of 27,000 boys fled South Sudan seeking better living conditions in Ethiopia. On their way to Ethiopia, 7,000 perished to hunger, dehydration, and exhaustion. Some were attacked and killed by wild animals; others drowned crossing rivers. Only 20,000 boys made it alive to Ethiopia. The 7 in 734°Coffee is also an homage to these brave souls.
  1. The refugee camps: There are exactly 7 camps all together on the Gambela refugee site. These 7 camps are the cause and need for our mission, they are the reason we started at 734° Coffee and why we advocate for refugees and strive to improve their conditions.
  2. Our inspiration and mentors: By the time 734 was able to launch, Humanity Helping Sudan had been working in Gambela for 7 years! Their work sparked the 734 seed, showing us the importance and impact of helping others. They are a motivator as well as a mentor in our journey to advocate for refugees and improve their lives.
  3. Roasting processes: Your roasting style and degree have the most significant impact on any coffee flavor. Each coffee possesses varying requirements, but generally, when roasting specialty coffee, there are 7 stages needed to perfect it. Additionally, the best coffee starts roasting at 70 degrees, hence the º symbol.
7. Service: Lastly, there are 7 continents with 7 billion people on our planet to whom we want to cater great coffee to! As a humanitarian entity, our work aims to improve people’s lives. As a social enterprise, we represent the new business era, where organizations create products and services solely for the advancement and betterment of humankind. With time, we hope to reach other refugees and more people in different parts of the world

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