• Pouring Hope Cafe

    Pouring Hope Cafe

    After a coincidental encounter with Austin Hecker, a teacher at the Randolph Elementary School, Austin invited Manyang & 734 Coffee to one of her classes to share his story and mission to tackle issues faced by refugees. Schools such as Randolph Elementary School are at the center of education; education has been the pedestal of development and breakthrough in all societies, making them an indispensable tool in the advancement of humanitarian work. Manyang’s visit to the school inspired the teachers as well as the students to help contribute to the cause. One semester, the students with the help of their...

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  • Arabica vs Robusta , which coffee bean wins?!

    Arabica vs Robusta , which coffee bean wins?!

    Most coffee lovers have, at least once in their lives, been asked the million-dollar question: “Arabica or Robusta?” With over 100 species, coffee is the most consumed beverage in the world. Yet, Robusta and Arabica are the most memorable. Even though Arabica and Robusta differ in taste, growing environments, and quality; the competition between the two coffee strains is fierce. Robusta is the second most popular coffee in the world and makes up approximately 40% of the world’s coffee production. Robusta is a hearty coffee plant with twice as much caffeine as Arabica. Since caffeine is toxic to bugs, Robusta...

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  • The Power Of Social Enterprise

    The Power Of Social Enterprise

    From the industrial age to the tech boom certain industries throughout time have managed to positively impact societies. For example, organizations like Goodwill and Grameen Bank have created opportunities and encouraged growth in sectors where investment used to be scarce. Today,  social enterprise brands like Toms Shoes and Kind Bar have become household names. These companies have created a growing demand for cause-driven businesses that value social good as well as profit maximization. These companies are known as social enterprises. So what is a social enterprise? A social enterprise (SE) is an organization that meets at the cross section of...

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  • Brewing Justice Series: Grad student talks on the importance of  impact and Womens History Month.

    Brewing Justice Series: Grad student talks on the importance of impact and Womens History Month.

    Sidney Larsen is an active volunteer, ally and member of 734 Coffee family. She is currently studying at the American University in Washington DC, pursuing her masters in International Peace and Conflict Resolution. She likes to work with organizations that are promoting peace while moving the needle forward in creating positive change like 734 Coffee.  After her studies, Sidney plans to tackle many of the world’s most pressing issues including quality of life and income inequality. When Sidney isn’t busy thinking about how to improve the world, you can find her at trivia night, dancing and learning how to skateboard. Having female...

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  • Brewing Justice Series: Sudanese Activist speaks on social Justice

    Brewing Justice Series: Sudanese Activist speaks on social Justice

    Nadia Taha is a part of the 734 Coffee family and has been with us since Humanity Helping Sudan project. She is a fierce woman from Darfur Sudan, an activist, a journalist, a translator and much more. With a law degree from El Nilein University in Khartoum, Nadia practiced law for a year before diving into journalism suit to unfortunate events. She strongly believes that injustice anywhere is an injustice to her. After surviving a lot of injustices and tragedies herself in Sudan, she was still able to have an impactful voice through journalism in various ways. Since 2010 Nadia has...

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  • The Story of Kaffa: Origins Of Coffee

    The Story of Kaffa: Origins Of Coffee

    Each morning more and more Americans are waking up to the unique scent and unparalleled taste of 734 Coffee.  Having fallen in love with the quality of coffee, we felt compelled to learn more about its origins and share it with you. With some research, we learned of the intriguing story of the discovery of coffee and it’s birth in Ethiopia; the story of kaffa. Although the is debate exactly when coffee was discovered, there is a strong consensus about it's the discovery in Ethiopia and here is how the story goes. Kaffa is the origin of the word “coffee.” It is the name of...

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